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0 3 Things To Check Before You Buy Any Alternative Fuel Sources

If you are considering alternative fuel, you are already on the right track you are getting away from fossil fuels which have left permanent damage on the environment. How do you know the best sources of alternative fuels though? What do you consider before you buy?

Think about emissions

The fact that it is alternative fuel does not mean that it will not have emissions. There are many different kinds of alternative fuels and some of them, although better than fossil fuels, may have emissions. Since the whole point is to cut down on pollution, you should look for alternatives that give them at a minimum.

Is it a renewable resource

Coal was not a renewable resource, and when in was used in the industrial era in the 19th century, it got depleted, forcing the world to move to oil. Oil is fast running out as well. You see a trend here the fuels that most damage the environment seem to run out. Your source of alternative fuel should as much as possible not deplete.

Biodiesel, for example, is a great alternative fuel because of minimum emissions, but look at its source. Large tracts of land that are currently dedicated to food would have to be turned into biodiesel farms not a good source because it takes away. Solar, on the other hand can never be depleted. The amount of solar that the earth receives in a single hour is equivalent to all the energy that the world uses in two years. This means that even if our energy needs were 10 times as high as they are now, solar would still be a source that we could never use up.

How much does it cost

Alternative fuels can be expensive. Biodiesel, a good alternative fuel, is costly to produce. Alternative fuels will also affect your machinery and equipment. Your car, for example, would have to change. You household equipment would have to change as well depending on your new source of fuel. Solar energy happens to make it really easy to convert to. So long as it is set up right, the equipment in your house will not have to change. Take all these things into account because although the energy itself may not be that expensive to produce, the resultant cost may be quite significant.

Of all the alternative fuel sources available, solar remains the best. It cannot be depleted, it is easily available and it is cheap to convert to. It may be expensive to make an intial installation, but calculations show that this initial cost is covered by the savings you make from not using fossil fuels.

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