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0 Advantages of Hydroelectric Energy

advantages of hydroelectric energy

Throughout the years, fossil fuels have polluted the environment and now that the effects of the abuse are visible for all to see. Concern about finding a definite solution to the problem has been raised.

Today, technological innovations are being developed with one thing in mind: new, cheap, safe, healthy, and renewable energy.  All over the world, countries strive to come up with new technologies that will enable mankind to produce more energy without imposing too much damage on the environment, and in this way, managing to control global warming so that the threat pending over the entire world disappears.

Hydroelectric energy is one of the alternate forms of energy that technology has allowed man to produce; this is a form of energy that offers various advantages to man and to the environment. Here are some of the most important advantages of hydroelectric energy.

  • No oil, uranium, or any other type of fuel is necessitary to produce electricity.  This allows for a more stable and economical supply of electricity.  As well, it lessens the impact on the environment, as no excessive pollution is required in order to generate electricity, which is not the case when using other fuels, especially oil, in the production of electricity.
  • Hydroelectric energy can be produced without generating toxic or radioactive wastes. Environmental impact is minimal, and mostly limited to the construction of the hydroelectric power stations.
  • Due to the fact that hydroelectric plants and power stations are mostly automated, there is no need for increased human labor.  This reduces the costs of hydroelectricity considerably, thus making it more affordable for more people all around the world.
  • Hydroelectric power stations are versatile in that they can be built in whatever size, depending on the river or stream where it is going to be operated.  Hydroelectric power stations can power anything from a small home all the way up to a major city.
  • Hydroelectric energy is renewable, much like wind energy and solar energy, as it does not depend on finite resources such as gas, coal, or oil for production, it provides society with the possibility of always being able to have ample energy available at economical prices.
  • Hydroelectric power states are long-lasting, certainly much more than other kind of power stations.  A hydroelectric station, for instance, can be fully operational for up to one hundred years, maybe even more. Nuclear power plants, on the other hand, are usually operational for up to forty years.

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